Anti Trafficking


Vatican Conference Pastoral Orientation on Trafficking Good Shepherd representatives at Vatican Conference, 9-11 April 2019

Promoting an end to Slavery in our times

The Challenge

Human Trafficking is a growing global criminal industry that defies human rights and affronts human dignity. It is a violence based on recruiting, harboring, coercing, deceiving, and/or transporting people solely for the purpose of exploitation, most often labor and/or sexual exploitation. According to UN figures, up to 80 percent of persons trafficked are women and children; girl children and adolescents are of special concern.

Human trafficking is prevalent in the Asia Pacific region, with people in some countries being sent to work in other countries in the region.  

Good Shepherd participation in Vatican Conference 2019

Good Shepherd mission partners participated in the Conference on Pastoral Orientations on Human Trafficking, in Rome from 9 - 11 April 2019. The Conference was held in response to the Pastoral Orientations guidelines released by the Vatican on 17 January 2019.  

The orientations provide a series of key considerations that may be useful to Catholics and others in pastoral ministry, in planning and practical engagement, in advocacy and dialogue.  The guidelines present pertinent quotes and teachings from Pope Francis and detailed input from church leaders, scholars and experts working in the field of trafficking.


From left:  Ms Theresa Symons (Regional Manager MDO Asia Pacific), Sr Jacinta Duong (Vietnam), Sr Taskila Nicholas (Nepal), Sr Mary Claude Naddaf (Lebanon), Sr Isabel (Peru), Sr Yvonne Bambara (Burkina Faso)

The Good Shepherd Vision

Good Shepherd believes that the new generation can build a world without slavery:

  • A world where everyone is treated equally

  • A world where those who coerce or deceive people into forced labour or steal other people’s freedoms are brought to justice

  • A world where everyone is included in the development

  • A world where everyone can walk free and

  • A world where each person’s rights are upheld.

The Solidarity

Our first response is to express solidarity with those who have suffered victimization through this repulsive crime. Second, as we listen to the experiences of persons who have been trafficked, we develop holistic programs to respond to needs. We are especially active in areas of prevention and protection. Our programs support personal advancement toward defined goals and positive outcomes as each person, at their own pace, moves toward reintegration with families and/or society. We support trauma healing and self-empowerment through supportive social relationships, personal growth opportunities, and employable skills leading to secure income. Third, we continually increase our capacity to understand the persistent and complex dynamics of trafficking. Our programs, with an underpinning of spiritual values, are rooted in professional knowledge and best practices. To ensure attention to and effective outcomes in all areas - personal, social, judicial, systemic and structural - we are active partners with governmental and non-governmental groups.

Good Shepherd stands with all people of good will who condemn the phenomenon of trafficking in human persons, and work to eradicate it.

Good Shepherd resources

Good Shepherd Services Malaysia in collaboration with the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur has produced a comprehensive and rich publication containing insightful reflections for each of the 16 days of the Campaign

This booklet is designed to be a resource for awareness, prayer, reflection and action. It can be used to follow the 16 Days campaign to reflect and pray on human trafficking issues. Although it is focused on the Malaysian scenario of human trafficking, it contains insightful reflections for each day of the campaign which can be applied to any situation/country. 

Click here - 16 Days of Prayer for the Nation

Click here - Catholic Social Teaching on Immigration and the Movement of Peoples - Compiled by Sr Clare Nolan.

The Programmes

Good Shepherd programmes operate in sending and receiving countries:

  • India

  • Nepal

  • Macau

  • Taiwan

  • South Korea

  • Malaysia

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • Thailand

  • Japan

Good Shepherd Sisters in Australia link with ACRATH (Australian Catholic Religious against Trafficking in Humans).

Click here for ACRATH website -

Interactive Survey Results 

The Anti-trafficking Working Group (ATWG) of UISG (International Union of Religious Congregations) has posted an interactive information center to share the activities of Religious Congregations which combat trafficking.  In 2016 a survey was conducted through UISG regarding the experience in Congregations related to education, advocacy, prevention, protection and networking.

Click here - Interactive Survey PPT slides