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Human Rights for all migrants and refugees

The Challenge

In a globalized world, people cross borders, temporarily or permanently, for many reasons. Where populations are mired in conditions of poverty, where environmental conditions are not sustainable, or where there is civil violence or threat of violence, people move for both freedom and survival, seeking better social and economic opportunities. In these circumstances, movement across borders is often a perilous journey.  Migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, and stateless persons are often categorized or labelled, making the regularization of their situation bureaucratically impossible. This leaves them vulnerable to being exploited by traffickers and smugglers. Women are increasingly among the vulnerable populations of people migrating.

The Vision

Good Shepherd is part of a Judea-Christian tradition whose spiritual covenant rests on a commitment to “welcome the stranger.” The Social Teaching of the Catholic Church has a rich heritage of welcome and concern for migrants and refugees. We embrace this tradition and support Human Rights for all immigrants, migrants, and refugees.

The Solidarity

Good Shepherd responds in solidarity with migrants and refugees.  We honour the culture and heritage they bring, help them in their needs for resettlement or regularization, and celebrate the positive contributions migrants make to the economic, social and cultural lives of a new place.

Good Shepherd stands with all persons of good will who work to ensure that the most vulnerable migrants will receive the protection, welcome, and opportunity that every human person ought to be accorded.


Catholic Social Teaching on Immigration and the Movement of Peoples - Compiled by Sr Clare Nolan.


Click here for up to date information from the International Organization for Migration - https://www.iom.int/

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