Refugee children from Syria with Pope Pope Francis with a group of children, refugees from Syria

Human Rights for all migrants and refugees

The Challenge

The movement of peoples today includes migrants, temporary workers, refugees, asylum seekers, internally-displaced persons (IDPs) and stateless persons, each defined under separate legal frameworks in national and international law; all are entitled to move in safety and dignity. The categorization of people in migration sometimes condemns them to being objects of suspicion and xenophobia, facing complex bureaucratic barriers to social support or inclusion. Yet realities of today can defy status categories, with situations often ambiguous and overlapping. Persons already suffering exclusion due to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, disability, illness or age are subject to intensified discrimination when in migration.

The Vision

We embrace our Judeo-Christian spiritual foundation that rests on a commitment to “welcome the stranger.” Our first response to migrants and refugees is to welcome them as one would welcome the Divine among us. We honor the culture and heritage each brings and we celebrate the positive contributions newcomers make to the lives and development of host communities. The service needs of persons in resettlement or status regularization are extensive, including language skills, health care, social integration, trauma healing, employment skills, legal help, etc. We listen to their experiences, accompany them, develop programs and work in partnerships to serve complex needs and to facilitate self-empowered social participation.

The Solidarity

Good Shepherd responds in solidarity with migrants and refugees.  We honour the culture and heritage they bring, help them in their needs for resettlement or regularization, and celebrate the positive contributions migrants make to the economic, social and cultural lives of a new place.

Good Shepherd stands with all persons of good will who work to ensure that the most vulnerable migrants will receive the protection, welcome, and opportunity that every human person ought to be accorded.


Catholic Social Teaching on Immigration and the Movement of Peoples - Compiled by Sr Clare Nolan.


Click here for up to date information from the International Organization for Migration - https://www.iom.int/

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