Economic Justice


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All people to share the benefits

The Challenge

Extreme amassment of wealth and refusal to share resources and material goods are both cause and effect of many social and spiritual ills. The effects of poverty on people are insidious: those in conditions of poverty suffer social exclusion together with malnutrition, ill health, unemployment, illiteracy, homelessness, and constant anxiety for the future of their children. Such degradation is a violation of Human Rights.  Women and children are the ones who bear the heaviest burdens of poverty. They are subject to the risk of victimization through phenomena such as trafficking and the prostitution of women and girls.

The Vision 

Good Shepherd has a vision that all persons, with special awareness of women and girls, ought to share in the economic, social and spiritual benefits of our global wealth; that food, water, sanitation, shelter, health, education, and social supports be attainable for all. This commitment is based on Judea-Christian Scripture, Catholic Social Teaching, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the ethical code of the “Golden Rule.”

The Solidarity

Good Shepherd's response to economic justice is to express solidarity with those who are consigned to live in conditions of extreme poverty. The approach is to listen to their experiences, accompany them, develop holistic programmes to serve their needs, and support the contributions they make toward alternate policies. Good Shepherd works to increase its capacity to understand the dynamics of global economic exclusion so as to advocate effectively for economic improvement and social transformation.  Aware of our own wealth and privileges, we perceive this as a call to personal and communal conversion. We also understand that there is a prophetic call to stand against the systems and structures of economic injustice.

Good Shepherd stands with all persons of good will who seek to eradicate poverty and support economic justice.

The Programmes

In Asia Pacific, Good Shepherd works within nation states and across borders for economic justice. 

In some countries, Good Shepherd programmes offer skill development and income generation for people struggling against severe poverty.

Income Generating Programmes

  • Thailand

  • Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • India

  • Sri Lanka

In other countries in the region, projects are in place to assist with the marketing of products, and to raise consciousness about the issues of fair trade.

Marketing Projects

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Singapore

  • Malaysia