The Vision

The Good Shepherd, showing extravagant concern and love for the one lost sheep.

The Shepherd fighting off the ravaging attacks of the wolf even at the cost of her life - seeking to change the structures of society which diminish and destroy human dignity and opportunity.

The Shepherding of Creation.


The Role

The Congregational Spirituality Committee operates from the Good Shepherd Mother House in Angers, France.  It is working to:

  • Develop a worldwide spirituality network.

  • Compile and share the spirituality resources of the Congregation.

  • Develop new ways of looking at Good Shepherd spirituality and identity.  Example:  the integration of the creation/cosmological perspective, essential to contemporary spirituality.

  • Create more effective links with the Justice Peace groups in the regions. 

Read about the Congregational Spirituality Team meeting held in Angers France 9-23 May 2014.  Meeting of the Congregational Spirituality Team

Connect with the Congregational Spirituality Centre at the Mother House, Angers France - A Retreat 'Living in Creative Fidelity' - God's personal call within a cosmological perspective


In Asia Pacific

As a newly formed Network, the role of the Asia Pacific Spirituality Team is to:

  1. Assist the Congregational Spirituality Committee at regional and province level.

  2. Promote Good Shepherd spirituality in the Provinces and across Asia Pacific.

  3. Create effective links with the other Asia Pacific Teams.


Current Team Members

Sr Magdalena Rini - Indonesia

Sr Juliana Devoy - North East Asia

Ms Jane Ng - Singapore/Malaysia

Sr Clare Nagashima - Japan

Sr Gertrude Vithanage - Sri Lanka/Pakistan

Sr Maria Lourdes Fabia - Philippines

Sr Deanna Pereira - Central East India/Nepal

Sr Rebecca Kay Thi Oo - East Asia

Sr Teresa Mandakath - South West India

Sr Paula Rainbow - Australia/Aotearoa-New Zealand



Process of Integration begins

Following the Congregational Chapter 2015, the Asia Pacific Circle authorized a process to move towards the Integration of the four Teams of Asia Pacific:  Formation, Partnership for Mission, Spirituality, Justice Peace. The stage is set to reflect on the powerful Chapter Direction Statement which challenged Good Shepherd sisters and lay Mission Partners to go beyond, risk to respond to global issues, co-create and be co-responsible for the mission. 

Click here for Historic meeting Formation, Spirituality, Partnership for Mission, Justice Peace Teams August 2016 - http://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/180 

Click here for Integration for Mission Session August 2017 - http://www.goodshepherd-asiapacific.org.au/project/239