Mountain Maid Training Center award Mountain Maid Training Center receives National Environmental Award, Philippines

Experiencing the ecological awakening

The Challenge

The Asia Pacific Region is home to the most abundant and diverse of animal and vegetative species on the planet.  However, we humans have looked at Mother Earth primarily in terms of what we can get from her. We have pillaged her resources and destroyed the balance of nature in the process.

The reality is that those with the fewest natural, environmental, and economic resources are those most harmed by environmental destruction. Those most vulnerable are women and children.  Likewise, indigenous communities suffer and are threatened by environmental destruction.

The Vision

Good Shepherd seeks to view our cosmos anew, with a vision of justice.

  • A new story of the Universe. 

  • A new understanding that we are not the masters of the earth but just one of the members in the community of life.

  • A Vision of the web of life as a system of connections where everything is interrelated, interconnected and inter-dependent.

The Solidarity

Good Shepherd expresses solidarity with communities which are being undermined and who do not share equitably in the benefits of development.  Our Good Shepherd mission of reconciliation calls us to “join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace.”          (Earth Charter, 2000)

We stand together with people of goodwill everywhere calling for a new consciousness, a new identity, centred on the kinship of all creation and the implementation of Human Rights for all.

The Programmes

Good Shepherd projects and action with specific environmental focus:

  • Philippines.

  • Vietnam.

  • Promoting new understandings of ecological spirituality.

  • Developing Green Policies. 

  • Developing regional awareness of practices which impact on the environment.

  • Participation in Earth Day. 


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World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation

Pope Francis has instituted the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation on 1st September.

Season of Creation

You will find resources for prayer and action for the Season of Creation on the web site of the Global Catholic Climate Movement:

Click here -  Catholic Climate Movement <>